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Sleep Packages

You and your baby deserve to sleep, and deserve to bound each and every day, and I would love to help you. 

If you can’t see the type of support you are looking for please contact me so we can discuss a bespoke package that will suit your needs.

Newborn Support
0 - 4 months 

Ideal for new parents who want to feel confident  and understand what is normal when it comes to newborn sleep. I offer guidance and support to help you navigate the beginning of your little one’s sleep journey. 

Sleep Help Call
4 months - 7 years

Ideal for parents experiencing a sleep challenge, who need some helping figuring out the cause but are confident at working through the plan with no follow up support.

Full Sleep Package
4 months - 7 years

Ideal for parents experiencing new or ongoing sleep issues. Is your little one waking frequently at night, taking short naps or you want to work on independent sleep? I can help make positive changes to their routine and sleep associations to achieve a better night's sleep for all. 

Small Tweaks Package
6 months - 7 years

Ideal for parents experiencing sleep changes. Sleep fluctuates as your baby grows and it can sometimes feel as though all your progress is suddenly undone. I can help you get things back on track.

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Book a Discovery Call 

If you want to find out more about me, my approach and my packages, or have any further questions please fill in the contact form to book in a free 20-minute discovery call. 

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