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Sleep Help Call

Sleep Package Includes:

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Age-appropriate questionnaire and analysis prior to our consultation.

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1 hour virtual consultation 

I talk through my findings from your questionnaire and discuss the plan that I have written for your baby, toddler or child.

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Personalised sleep plan 

I tailor a plan to your child’s patterns and temperament, as well as to your parenting style and goals. I will this email this over to you after our consultation.

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No follow up support

£60 to add on a week of daily support 

£75 to add on a week of daily support plus a 30 mins phone call.

4 Months - 7 Years

Ideal for parents who need help investigating what the cause of the sleep challenge is, but are confident at working through the plan with no support.

If your little one is suddenly refusing naps, waking up at night or bedtime has become a battle, then I can help figure out the cause and write up detailed plan for you to follow. 

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My Support Includes:

  • Night wakings 

  • Nap transitions

  • Bedtime battles 

  • Transitioning from cot to bed 

  • Separation anxiety 

  • Early rising 

  • Nightmares or night terrors 

  • Starting a new childcare environment 

  • Starting school 

  • Moving house or the arrival of a new sibling

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How I Have Helped:

My daughter had struggled to get to sleep and stay asleep for 6 years​ after trying many things we were so grateful for Lydia and her plan. I was concerned it was too late but this was not the case at all.


Lydia’s collaborative approach with my daughter meant that she was fully involved in the process and learnt to understand the importance of sleep.

Book a Discovery Call 

If you want to find out more about me, my approach and my packages, or have any further questions please fill in the contact form to book in a free 20-minute discovery call. 

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