baby sleep package

sleep package includes:

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Age-appropriate questionnaire and analysis prior to our consultation.

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90 minute virtual consultation 

I talk through my findings from your questionnaire and discuss different strategies we could use. Together we work out the best suited plan of action.

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Personalised sleep plan 

I tailor a plan to your child’s patterns and temperament, as well as to your parenting style and goals.

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3 weeks of daily support 

We navigate the plan together, adjusting where necessary. Every day I am on hand to help and guide you through the process.

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3 x catch up calls

We review how your week has gone, how you are feeling about the strategies we have implemented, and how your child is coping with the changes.

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Follow up notes

After each call I write up detailed notes explaining changes we have made and documenting their effects.

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Additional support materials

Further age appropriate information (handouts / schedules)

baby 4 - 12 months

Ideal for parents wanting to get their baby into a sleep pattern.

It can be overwhelming and lonely figuring out your baby’s rhythm and routine. Together we will work through any sleep challenges your baby is facing.

support includes:

  • Naps - cot naps, short naps, nap refusal 

  • Nap transitions

  • Independent sleep 

  • Separation anxiety 

  • Early rising 

  • Dummy dependency 

  • Night waking 

  • Night feeds

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information covered:

  • The foundations that promote healthy sleep 

  • Healthy sleep associations 

  • Sleep science 

  • Sleep cycles

  • Age appropriate wake windows 

  • Sleep cues 

  • Developmental bounds 

book a discovery call 

If you want to find out more about me, my approach and my packages, or have any further questions please fill in the contact form to book in a free 20-minute discovery call. 

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