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When will my baby sleep through the night?

I think everyone has asked this question at least once (or a thousand times!). It seems to be the most discussed topic with new parents.

"Has your baby sleep through yet," being a question I would often hear at playgroups or classes.

However there is no right answer to this. No evidence to show there is a certain age or weight a baby needs to be for this to happen.

Every baby is different. Every sleep journey is different.

What does sleep through actually mean?

Did you know that none of us actually spend the whole night sleeping? We stir and even wake up when we are transitioning through sleep cycles. Some nights we won’t notice, but other we might wake up fully, go to the loo or just move around to get comfortable.

But most of the time we are able to settle ourselves back to sleep.

The term 'sleeping through the night' varies depending on who you speak to. Some people will say around 8 hours and some might say more. It really depends on the individual and how many hours of sleep they need.

When do babies sleep through the night?

If you are looking for a solid answer to this question, I am sorry but there isn’t one!

Some babies can naturally sleep through the night from a very early age, not needing any support to help transition through each cycle. Whilst others will wake, will need a feed or a comfort or an association to help them fall back to sleep.

During the first few months a baby is likely to sleep a lot. They will need feeding throughout the night so will wake when hungry.

Around 4 months, after your baby has gone through the 4 month sleep regression, your baby might start to sleep for longer stretches at night and need less feeds.

At 6 months some babies can sleep through the night without a feed. However it is important not to drop these feeds if your baby is genuinely hungry (even though some advice tells you to do so).

My baby is still waking up at night. Why?

There are many reasons why your baby is still waking up at night. Here are some questions to ask yourself to try to decipher why:

  • Are they uncomfortable? Have they got reflux or an allergy?

  • Are they hungry?

  • Do they need me to comfort them?

  • Is it too cold or hot?

  • Is it too light or too noisy?

  • Are they teething?

  • Are they going through a development?

  • Have they had too much daytime sleep?

How to support your baby to get a better nights sleep?

  • Full daytime feeds

  • Your baby’s sleep environment

  • A consistent bedtime routine

  • Age appropriate schedule and wake windows

  • Your response when your baby wakes up

  • Finding the best way to settle your baby

  • Don’t rush in!

Sleep can be overwhelming. If you feel like it has all become too much and you need some support to work out why your baby is waking frequently - email me

I would love to chat further to help you make some positive changes to your baby’s sleep.

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