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Why I Became a Sleep Consultant 

We feel we should know what we are doing and feel guilty when we don’t. For nearly two years I suffered from sleep deprivation. The lack of sleep affected my mood and my migraines.  I felt guilty and anxious, but mostly I just felt flat. I struggled on, in hope that one day things might change and my daughter would sleep. 

I thought I had tried everything; however I hadn’t tried the first honest step - plucking up the courage to ask for help. When I finally did, it was the best decision I could have made. Yes, it was hard to make changes and see them through, but my daughter finally slept.

In fact, she didn’t just sleep, she understood when it was time for her to sleep and was even happy to go to bed (most of the time)! Bedtime became a positive experience for my whole family. I have evenings watching TV with my husband. I am motivated to exercise. I can even go out with my friends without worrying whether my daughter will sleep without me being there.


She’s ok, they’re all ok, and therefore I’m ok. 

I have the energy for me and my family. And that is what I want for you.


My approach to sleep coaching methodically investigates each unique child and their rhythmic patterns, temperament, and environment. I create a plan tailored to your family needs, parenting style and goals, and work closely with you to find underlying causes, offering daily guidance. 

My aim is to take away all anxiety around sleep so that you can begin to enjoy family life and parenthood. You and your baby deserve to sleep, and deserve to bound – each and every day, and I would love to help you.

If you want to find out more about me, my approach and my packages, or have any further questions to ask, then please fill in the contact form to book in a free 20-minute discovery call. 

I am passionate about guiding and supporting you to achieve peaceful, restorative sleep for your little one through a gentle, collaborative process. I strongly believe in the benefits of good quality sleep on both a child’s development and the positive energy of the whole family. 

I created Sleeps & Bounds in the understanding that when a good night’s sleep feels a million miles away - whether for a newborn or young child - it is in fact possible to flick that life-changing switch - through investigative process, careful adjustment and daily support.


As a parent, it's sometimes hard to say the words "I am not coping, I need some help."

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